Lincolnshire, Planning Permission

Cherry Willingham, Modern Bungalow

Planning Permission Update

The Planning Appeal Procedure is currently in progress. Over the past few months, we have been very busy dealing with the Planning officer and the Planning Inspectorate in Lincolnshire and Bristol. Cherry Willingham project underwent some external and

internal design changes. We took the task to redesign the entire space, shift the main door entrance to the rear side, and add two dormers. The property decreases in volume, resulting in a downsizing of the bedroom.

Modern Bungalow

The new scheme provides 1 new Dwelling with two bedroom on a site located
within the settlement of Cherry Willingham. The proposal create a high quality
residential scheme and meet a need for one family sized dwellings. Garden
space is genuine private space as it will not be visible from the public

The architectural features of the bungalow remain as pervious.
Traditional red bricks, red roof tiles, and two rear dormers,
are presently facing the park and garden.

Proposed institute

Cherry Willingham pattern is one of an informal layout with variations
in the arrangement of the buildings relative to their access, road and
driveways which often relate both to historical context, the
contours of the land and established boundaries. Many of the
streets that have been constructed in the late -19th
-20th and early 18th,

Century are traditional in the sense they have houses parallel and at
“right angles” to the road, but this is not necessarily a common
pattern throughout these villages and certainly not necessarily so in
this area .These site constraints are the reasons the site has been laid
out in the form it has, providing for an informal layout rather than a
‘formal’ layout characteristic of the variety in the village. Please see
below image of the proposed institute on the plot Land at Minster

Planning Permission Decision

Planning Appeal Procedure in Progress until 20th November 2023, More updates on this project can be found on our Instagram Account.