Mulberry House, Oxfordshire

Mulberry House, Oxfordshire

5 New Dwellings ,Project Coming Soon.

The Mulberry House is a fantastic development in Oxfordshire of south east England, The County is bordered by the Northamptonshire and Warwickshire to Buckinghamshire The character of the area is one of a leafy suburb with houses within their own plots. They all have their own unique character and style. The design concept for this site is a more up to date approach based upon this principle.

The design of each exterior homes has been design with conscious of building homes with both character and individuality, which blend in seamlessly with their immediate surroundings. Wienerberger redbrick exteriors, combined with contemporary interiors and stunning views, make the properties highly prized and unique. All residences have a minimum ceiling height of 2.4 metres or feature gallery-like open plan space; allows for variable connections; and terraces on all floors supplement the narrow gardens. Strong insulation, managed ventilation with heat recovery, triple glazing, photovoltaics, red roofs tiles, and rainwater collection all form part of the environmentally-conscious profile of this neighbourhood.

PTP Design Architecture ltd Involvement

We are involved in creating a detail Architectural Construction pack to prepare for Construction quotes and visiting the site throughout the project’s duration.

Construction Deadline

Construction to begin in 2024 and updates on this project can be found on our Instagram Account.